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Nina, The Holistic Gundog Specialist, based Purleigh, Essex. Helping you and your gundog live your best life!

“Balancing both ends of the lead!”

Confident Canine – The Holistic Gundog Specialist

Fed up trying to find the right help for your dog?


It takes 3 C’s to balance the lead!

– Clarity
– Connection
– Communication
– Consistency
– Calm

If you want to help your dog to understand what you want and to be able connect with you even when out and about, contact me today and experience the joy and pride of live with a happy, relaxed dog who can listen.


Do you feel anxious before you’ve even left home? Have trouble getting your gundog to come back when you call them? Do they turn coming back into a game of “Chase me!”? 
Now imagine calling their name and that feeling of pride as they dash back to you, as fast as they can!

Or drag you down the road behind them whilst pulling your arm out of it’s socketAre they reactive to dogs, people or passing cyclists or vehicles, barking and/or lunging as they pass? 
Just how good would it feel to walk along with them proudly by your side, walking past distractions like a pro!

Does your gundog not listen to you out and about on walks?
You can have that feeling of connection, when they look at you when out and want to engage and have fun with you, that heart felt feeling of shared love!

Are they unable to settle at home? Run off with things and not give them back? Steal from your counter tops?
Experience feeling relaxed as you are able to get your dog to listen to you and to settle quietly.

Learn to use simple, effective, kind, positive, reward-based training techniques to build the life you want with your gundog.

Teach your gundog to come back when called, walk nicely, listen and build an amazing relationship to be proud of!

Get your gundog puppy off on the right paw in life, deal with the behavioural issues that currently have you stumped or simply learn to teach them good everyday manners and fun gundog work so you have even more fun together.

Confident Canine – The Holistic Gundog Specialist

Learn how to help your gundog make good choices

What our clients say

In their own words....
"Nina has taught me so much with my young Springer. Have now had six springers, all different and Nina has supported me with a number of challenges with our number six!! e.g. bad lead pulling, having exhausted all other training methods, very high bird prey drive, poor recall. After three visits really turning a corner with new techniques and different ways of approaching things linking to the way the dog thinks and her instincts. So really working with the dog and not feeling its a 'battle of wills'. I highly recommend Nina as well worthwhile and such a fun session too." Kay & Holly - Essex
Holly sitting
Kay with Holly
121 Gundog Client
"I recently had my second session with Nina to work on my dog, Boy’s, reactivity. It was very encouraging to get positive feedback on Boy’s (and my) progression since our first visit. I highly recommend Nina. The change in my dog has been brilliant! We still have work to do, but I’ve gone from not wanting to go on a walk, to enjoying both the walk, and the connection with Boy when out again. Nina is very calming and very observant of both dog and owner! Can’t wait to see how much more we can progress before our next session. Thank you Nina."
Boys Owner
Reactive Dog Client
"I asked for Nina's help as since COVID and a new baby in the family, the fur baby hasn't been on full form. Both myself and the poodle hadn't been communicating as well as before and so I needed to get that back, I didn't feel like my 4 paws loved me anymore. Nina changed that...poodles are smart and she proved that in the first session! We still have some work to do but I feel relaxed and she is back to being my funny, well-behaved diva!"
Confident Canine Logo
Lolas Owner
Lifeskills Session
Happy Spaniel gundog training in Essex

Are you...

Looking for

Fun and engaging lessons that fulfil all your gundog's needs, from instinctual behaviours to impressive manners

Eager to master

Essential commands like emergency stops, reliable recall, and loose lead walking, to the fancier feats like uncovering hidden objects and following directions from a distance

Want to be

The envy of the park walks as your gundog shines with impeccable training and enjoys the well-earned freedom they deserve.


Kay and Holly with their award gundog training in Essex

Signature Programs

We have a fantastic selection of training programs for your gundog or gundog puppy, from laying foundations to solving problems I have you covered.

Ruby learning sendaways

Pay As You Go

If you would prefer a one off 121 to tackle something specific, keep your training on track, or just dip your paws in the water then this option could be your ideal solution.

Hecta gundog training in Essex


I offer a comprehensive set of solutions for helping with your gundogs behavioural needs from puppy problems, through basic manners to reactivity, I can help both you and your gundog.

Longhaired Weimaraner siting upright in meditation chair


From Canine Reiki & Canine Massage sessions to Ultrasonic dental cleans, I have your gundog covered. Balancing mind, body and soul for the perfect holistic solution.


I also offer Hoopers Private Lessons, Telephone Consultations, Online Consultations and training. This is also the place to click for details of events and one off training days.

Out and about with Faith

Contact Me

Need help finding the right path for your gundog and your needs? No problem, simply get in touch for a chat about your dog and how I can best help you to achieve your goals.

Faith my Longhaired Weimaraner and me

About your trainer

I am Nina, your Holistic Gundog Specialist offering Gundog Training & Behaviour in Essex.
I solve all of your gundog problems by providing positive, reward-based dog training for you and your gundog! I am the trainer other trainers recommend when gundogs owners need help.

I take the stress out of living with, training and loving your gundog. Instead I make it fun and enjoyable for you both. I teach you to engage those gundog senses and channel their very clever brain. 

From puppies through teenagers to adult dogs in Essex both in person and online

I teach you how to use games and rewards so you and your gundog build a solid relationship based on fun and great teamwork giving you a happy partnership.

  • Struggling with a gundog that seems to have a mind of its own?
  • Have a gundog that won’t come back when called, just thinks it’s a game or ignores you?
  • Tired of your gundog pulling and dragging you during walks?
  • Anxious behaviour around other dogs, passers-by, cyclists and/or joggers leaving you feeling nervous?
  • Are you looking to channel and engage your gundogs natural instincts?
  • Gundog puppy that needs mental engagement and their energy channelled?

I understand...

the frustration and stress that can come with gundog behaviour challenges, but do not worry, I am here to help you!

At Confident Canine, I address gundog challenges with compassion and expertise, aiming for fast and reliable results so you can have a joyful bonding experience outdoors!

With my unique approach, I delve into understanding your gundog’s personality and emotional journey to uncover the root causes behind their behaviours. By building a stronger, empathetic bond and setting clear boundaries, we can foster good mental health and overall well-being for your gundog.

Experience the beautiful transformation and remarkable progress in your gundog’s behaviour in a short period! From resolving problem behaviours to fun field training, we’ll channel your gundog’s brain and instincts to create joyful outdoor adventures together.

I’m not just a training service; I’m your trusted partner in fostering a harmonious relationship with your gundog. Feel supported and encouraged every step of the way.

Ready to get started? Call me, Nina, your Holistic Gundog Specialist, and let’s chat about your gundog and goals today – 07917 445830.

Gundog Puppy
Spaniel sitting
Spaniel puppy starting placeboard training
Gundog sitting on placeboard
Puppy sitting waiting nicely
274732258_4818958974891984_966230520822390117_n (3)

Balancing both ends of the lead!

I’ve helped countless gundog owners who have these problems, and more, all the time. So many gundogs and gundog owners’ lives have been changed for the better by using my kind and effective techniques.

You don’t have to live with your gundog running off, pulling on lead or barking & lunging.

It doesn’t have to be that way! Get in touch today

Call me for a chat about your dog and find out how I can help you with your gundog problems and have the most amazing future together – Call 07917 445830

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