Reactive Dog?

It can be hard work living life with a reactive dog, but, imagine how much harder it must be for your dog. Reactivity isn’t a choice, it is an emotional response that normally comes from fear (there can be other causes of reactivity but for the purposes of this article I will be discussing fear-based …

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Train the dog in front of you!

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Every perfect recall

……has to start somewhere! So, I’ve been helping a few people of late with recall issues, reasons vary and I wanted to share my own journey as I think that many owners think a recall is a flat kind of journey, an A to B journey where A = ‘NO RECALL’ and B = ‘WOOHOO …

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Featured Expert

Lovely surprise to cheer me up today when I received from the Ladies Working Gundog Group a Featured Expert badge for the Masterclass I delivered earlier this year. How kind of them!

My SOCS day 0 post

Day 0 – I am doing the 30 day challenge because as our puppy was entering our lives, our old boy, my heart boy, Kodi was leaving us, he died New Years day when little Rosa was just 4 months old and her training fell by the wayside as we grieved, I think this will …

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The tell tail tell

Every dog is different and that is one of the things that I like best about scentwork and teaching scentwork. There is no magic way for you to understand your dog and what it is telling you when its working or on scent, the only way to understand your dog is to take the time …

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I want it all !

Twice again recently I have had the age old conversation of doing more than one discipline/sport/activity with your dog. So many times over my past 10+ years in dogs I have been told I can’t do obedience if I want to do field work, I can’t take my dog tracking if I wish to field …

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Always Trade Up

“Always trade up!” My youngest, home bred girl, has always had a great retrieve. Her first retrieve to hand was completed at 6 weeks old, clicker trained and to her just another game to play. Bearing this in mind, her retrieve is by now very ingrained. When she finds things or steals something her instinct …

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Our Blog

Welcome to our blog, hope you enjoy it. If there is something you would like to see a blog on please just drop us a message using the contact form. Nina x

What is success?

I have an ideal follow on to my last blog from just last week ‘Competing – It is never perfect‘ It has been an interesting week. I recently posted on my personal FB page that I am giving up competitive obedience for now, possibly permanently, time will tell and it was interesting to see the …

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Obedience – what is it?

Many people use the term ‘obedience class’ to mean many, many different things, such as: Competition obedience – These should be about Learning and working with very precise movements and commands in order to later compete, usually in Kennel Club shows. Pet obedience – These tend to be about learning and working with general commands …

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Train without pain

I recently watched a post unfold on social media, this prompted me to write this short blog. So positive training, what isn’t it? Lets start with what too many people believe it is: Handing out to your dog an endless stream of treats Handing out those treats to bribe your dog to do what you …

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Definition – Search: To try to find something by looking or otherwise seeking carefully and thoroughly. Scentwork/Search work is fast becoming popular, it is simple thing to teach and great fun for your dog. Scentwork isn’t about pointing your dog to the object or showing it where you are hiding it, the clue is firmly …

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Dog Law

So many people remain unaware of the changes that took place to dog law recently. Please take your time to familiarise yourself it could save your dogs life. Changes include your responsibilites at home and also the fact that a dog now only has to be seen to be a worry for action to be …

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Club Show – Event

Had a great time hosting a joint Ki Communications (Holistic Therapies & Dog Walking) and Kalma (Dog Training, Holistic Therapies & Pet Remedy supplier) stand and was suitably busy with customers all day. Thank you to everyone who popped along to purchase or have a chat about what we both do!

Testimonial – Training – Montys tail hasnt stopped wagging!

Thank you for our 1-2-1 yesterday, I don’t think Monty’s tail stopped wagging the whole time which is always a good thing! We came away having really enjoyed it too and have learnt lots, especially the confidence to show him things aren’t that scary really. We’ve just been for our first flat collar clicker walk …

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Testimonial – Nina was fantastic with our new addition

Nina was fantastic when advising and helping us with our new addition. Marley was having difficulties with separation anxiety and with adjusting to using a crate, especially as bed time. Nina introduced both us and Marley to a clicker and the benefits of using the device. She enabled to gain a deeper understanding of why …

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