Behavioural Help

Is your dog a counter surfer? Jumper? Barker?
Does it never stop looking for the next thing to do?
Pull you along? or run off and not come back until its ready?

Behaviour is a tricky word especially when looking for a ‘Behaviourist’ as there are many dog professionals using the title ‘Behaviourist’ that neither have time served or educational certificates that would truly validate the use of this term (as it is not a protected title anyone can call themselves a behaviourist).

I do not call myself a behaviourist and for more complex/serious behaviours I will not hesitate to recommend a fully qualified behaviourist to help you and your dog through because the sooner you get the correct help from a fully qualified behaviourist the better. 

However, I do deal with behavioural issues as part of being a dog trainer and below are just some examples, if you’re not sure if I can help and your current problem isn’t listed below please feel free to drop me an email on or call me on 07917 445830 so we can discuss the problem and find you the best way forward, be that help from myself or a fully qualified behaviourist.

I offer behavioural help on many issues such as:

  • Leash reactivity, including lunging and barking
  • Confidence building for fearful dogs
  • Jumping up
  • Counter surfing / stealing
  • Excessive barking
  • Inability to settle / relax
  • Teaching cues to help with behaviour issues such as ‘leave it’, ‘out’ and emergency stops

Sessions last for 1 hour, are £85 and are payable in advance or upon commencement of session as arranged and take place at our enclosed field venue or our indoor alternate Purleigh venue depending on the behaviour. Home visits are also available starting at £105 per hour (please note that travel charges apply) although I normally recommend an hours 121 session at my Purleigh venue first to enable me to assess the general relationship and interactions and lay foundational connective work.

All training is positive and reward based, aversive techniques are not used or recommended.

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