Bonfire night & fireworks

With fireworks night fast approaching, for those who have pets that do not cope it’s a time of dread.

Below are short bullet points to consider at this time of year:

  1. Firstly remain calm yourself.
  2. Consider contacting a dog trainer or behaviourist for specialist advice/help. Please note all my contact details are at the bottom of this page.
  3. Consider purchasing a sound CD, these CD’s have sounds like fireworks that can be placed at a low level to begin desensitisation to noises.
  4. When fireworks begin ensure curtains and blinds are drawn and closed as preventing visual stimulation from fireworks is helpful.
  5. Have your TV or radio on to counteract the noises that are going on outside.
  6. You can add natural ‘Rescue Remedy’ to water (always follow instructions) to help calm your dog. Consider consulting a professional in Bach remedies as they can also make up specific mixtures to incorporate things such as Mimulus which is ideal for noise sensitivity.
  7. Try to ensure your pets are fed an hour or so in advance of anticipated fireworks times or well afterwards to avoid the times of stress coinciding with meal times and possibly risking the occurrence of bloat.
  8. Consider the help of alternative practitioners such as Reiki (please contact me to book a session or for more information) or T-Touch for calming your dog.
  9. Consider an animal communication session to find out exactly what your pet is feeling, sometimes it isnt about the sounds but sometimes the visual impression of fire works.
  10. If the fear is low level consider using firework time for fun training such as trick training, this can take their mind of what is going on around and also help create more positive associations.
  11. Consider using a Thundershirt, these provide physical comfort for dogs who are fearful.
  12. If the problem is extremely severe then consider speaking with your vet who may be able to offer a form of sedation.
  13. Ask neighbours to kindly warn you in advance if they are planning their own fireworks display.
  14. Create a little safe nook at home where your pet can hide away if it feels the need.
  15. Find out the dates of local displays so you can be prepared.
  16. Ensure your dog is wearing some form of ID in case they escape in a panic.
  17. Ensure water is available as a stressed out dog may drink more.
  18. Where possible do NOT leave your dog alone, scared dogs have the potential to do things that are out of character and you do not want your dog getting injured whilst alone.
  19. Last but most certainly not least consider Pet Remedy (can be purchased from ourselves). They offer calming plug-ins or sprays that can be sprayed directly onto bedding etc.

Remember: AFTER fireworks always do a garden sweep to check for and dispose of fallen debris and firework remains!