Confidence boost for rescue

One of my latest 121 training sessions was with a gorgeous cocker spaniel rescue girl. She lacked confidence in general but especially when out and about. When seeing someone for a behavioural issue I don’t just look at that issues on its own but at the whole dog and environment, history etc is looked at holistically.

During our meeting we worked on how to deal with situations as they arose out and about to allow the owner to empower her dog which in turn allowed her to feel like she had some control over her surroundings and what was happening to her on walks. Today I received a lovely video of her out on a walk, tail wagging and happily engaging in her environment.

In addition to the empowering tools given to both owner and dog for their walks we worked on games the could play, pre-empted possible recall issues as she began to settle and grown in confidence in her new home and various positive changes were made to her home routines.

Taking on a rescue isn’t often a walk in the park but with the right tools and help you can build a really bright future for your rescue and they in turn can bring untold treasures into your life.