Do you have a model dog?

Our latest offering at Confident Canine is for those of you who think your dog has what it takes to be a model.

There are lots of agencies out there that you can join for a small fee and I know plenty of people of have gained work from those agencies but it all depends on you and your dog.

One of the first things agencies want to know about is what kind of actions, tricks and commands your dog knows and is able to perform and how well they can do so. With this in mind at Confident Canine we now offer help with both initial training and honing of the skills for these sought after actions/tricks/commands.

If you need help with filming we can also help you put together your dogs showcase reel of skills &/or CV.

Two out of my 3 dogs are trained Trick Dog Champions and my other is well on her way now to hopefully earning hers too so I’ve had good sound experience that Ive proven with my own dogs. I am also a Kyra Sundance Certified Trick Dog Instructor.

So, if you think your dog might have what it takes, want to get your new puppy off on the right paw or would just like to see how your dog gets on learning some of these fun tasks then contact me to book in. There will be no judgement made on your puppy or dogs suitability or likely hood to succeed just support and training offered in a friendly and no pressure environment!
For canines & their companions
Nina – 07917 445830