Don’t be a pop-up tent

Don't be a pop-up tent

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Flatcoated retriever waiting on her placeboard

Why on earth am I telling you “Don’t be a pop-up tent” and what on earth does that have to do with dog training?

Well, I do love a good camping trip, especially with the dogs and I use two tents for different purposes.

I have a pop-up tent, it’s amazing, literally 5 mins to pop up and secure it and 10 mins to take it down! I use this one for obedience shows when I just need to keep the back of the car and the dogs sheltered for the day and give them somewhere to relax.

When I go to a show that’s a few days long (like I have done in the past for agility shows) I don’t use the pop-up tent. I use my full-on proper tent, with loads of room, carpet to pop down, bedroom space and fencing to go all around it so the dogs have a make-shift garden to run around in.

I know if it rains I will stay dry, if it’s windy it will stay strong, and it is far more secure and lasting than any pop-up tent I’ve ever known.

Nina, what has all this got to do with me and my dog?!

On the whole fast results are not the same as the long journey, the one built on far more solid foundations, the one that will withstand the changing weather and shelter you and your dog from the environment.

Given a choice, many people look for fast fixes, look at the number of households with microwaves. As a society, we look for faster and easier in almost everything we do so when it comes to dog training we have to turn that on its head.

So stop putting pressure on you and your dog to be pop-up tents and embrace the lessons your journey together has for you both!

Dog training is a journey, an adventure. I know some days training your loose leash walking might not feel so adventurous but it certainly helps to focus on the journey and not the destination. If you’re heading out with your dog be flexible, instead of being on a mission to get around the park, or to go for a set timed walk, make your mission some nice heelwork training followed by some fun in the park.

Build and be an epic tent together, one that weathers any storm!

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