How I became an energy worker

How I became an energy worker

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So, believe it or not, my energy work with both people and animals came first, way before I became a dog trainer. For a start, I was always tuned in energetically as a child but never realised it, I naturally communicated with animals but didn’t realise I was doing anything special, it came naturally to me that I simply sit with them and connect and feel their energy and allow them to feel mine and I could do that for hours just revelling in the peace that we shared but I didn’t appreciate it wasn’t the norm for everyone.

As an adult, I was always interested in all things spiritual and it was because of this that for one of my birthdays my sister brought me a day in a field in a teepee on an angel workshop, I had no idea what it entailed but was soon to discover it was simply a lovely day of meditation and good energy and a really wonderful day! It was on that day that I saw the lady had other leaflets and one of those leaflets really caught my eye, Reiki. I had literally NO idea what Reiki even was when I signed up to attend that course, the leaflet just made it sound really interesting and like something I wanted to know more about!

I’m conscious of keeping this short and sweet so won’t go into too much detail (a more detailed video will be available in the Meditation, Mutts & Mindfulness Academy for those who are interested). So, the short version is that I attended my Reiki 1 day and my mind was blown, it was my first experience of consciously working with energy, of realising what I was doing and discovering structured ways of doing things. I went on to do Reiki 2 with the same lovely lady but for Reiki 3/Reiki Master/Reiki Teacher level I felt I needed to search for something new. The reason for this was that my first two levels were very western in their teachings and something just wasn’t sitting quite right, I felt there was something I was missing but didn’t know what, then a friend gave me the book ‘The Japanese Art of Reiki’ and I knew I had found what I was seeking. In the realms of ‘meant to be’ I discovered the Frans Stiene who wrote the book was actually in Australia and there was no way I would be able to get there but shortly after discovered that he was going to hold a Reiki Master/Teacher course in Glasgow later in the year, the only problem, it was expensive, too expensive for a single parent like me struggling to make ends meet all the time. Next ‘meant to be’ moment was telling a friend who then literally wrote me a cheque to cover everything and said ‘go, book it now’, I was blown away, overwhelmed with gratitude and excitement and I did just that, booked it then and there!

September 2006 I headed off to Glasgow for one of the most incredible weeks of my life, I learned a whole new way of understanding energy, Frans teachings remove so many of the bells and whistles that are included in Western Reiki teachings and strip things right down to the simplicity that is at the core of universal energy, it isn’t complicated, its existence.

Further to becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher I began teaching myself and taught for many years before taking a break, the timing of this break actually was aligned with the introduction of dogs to my life and the start of a whole new journey……. (everything is meant to be)

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