Jack of all trades, master….

This little phrase ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’ is one that I have pondered for some time now and I have been meaning to write a blog on it. Well this week I was introduced to 2 brilliant books and they just confirmed I needed to write this!

Just as an FYI The two books in question are ‘Refuse to choose’ by Barbara Sher and ‘The Renaissance Soul’ by Margaret Lobenstine and neither are dog training related.

I have more than one passion, in fact I have several (insert shock horror here!). Not one of those passions is more or less a part of my life than the others, they are all a part of who I am. Many dog trainers do just that …. dog training, with some sticking to just one field i.e. obedience classes,  I’ve no issue with this at all however I know that sometimes they are viewed as ‘better’ as it appears to be their ‘speciality’. To be fair some who simply dog train are fantastic trainers but equally some are not and having a singular passion does not make or break this fact.

As I have already mentioned, my passions are many. I am passionate about force free dog training, teaching your dog to work with you as opposed to forcing it to work with you or demanding it obey etc. I am passionate about creative my endevours and have even designed a diviation deck (The Inspired Deck), I adore meditation. I am passionate about holistic treatments for both dogs and animals and I practice and teach Reiki, work with animal communication and carry out canine massage as part of Kalma. I also do canine pregnancy scanning and simply never get bored of being the first to see the beating heart of new life and the owners faces when they also see this for the first time.

Long story short I am passionate, which means that I dont do any of the above half hearted, I am dedicated to each and every one because I am dedicated to my fulfilling my passions and in turn most of those passions actually knit together to make me better at each and every one of them

So when you see my many passions, know this, I am dedicated to bringing the best of who I am to what I do and that means that both you and your dog receive the best I have go give, everytime!

Thanks for reading…..