A Poem – My Best Boy

A Poem - My Best Boy

I know anyone visiting my website will be a gundog lover/dog lover and I love to write the odd bit of poetry every now and again so I thought I would share my dog related ones in my blog occasionally, this one, A Poem – My Best Boy, will probably call out to all those who have loved and lost a dog.

This one is a little sad so if you don’t fancy that please feel free to skip it.

It was written as my old boy, and soul mate Kodi was coming to the end of his life with me, he had cancer and I knew the time was fast approaching that I would have to let him go:

Longhaired Weimaraner laying in doorway

I can’t do this but I know I must
I have your love, I’ve earned your trust
The time is near to say goodbye 
So to draw my inner strength I try

My heart is broken, my soul destroyed
I can’t see a future living with this void
You’re my better half, my life, my joy
You’re my special lad and my very best boy

But it’s because of this I know I must
Find a way to cope and make little fuss
The girls all need me to be strong
To show them all how life must go on

I’ll help keep your memory burning bright
I’ll let no one forget your love, your light
My saviour, I thank you with all my heart
My dearest Kodibear, nearly time to part

But know this my lad I’m ever grateful
For your presence these years, strong and stable
You opened my heart, let me love a new
Cheeky chappy you are, but my angel it’s true

So when time’s upon us for you to go
As I fracture and break this much I know
I will hold you tight, I will kiss your face
and whisper I love you, let you go with grace
No more struggling my love, I promise you this
On the other side it’s pain-free, just bliss
You will only know love right until the end
My life, my boy, my saviour, my friend….

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