My SOCS day 0 post

Day 0 – I am doing the 30 day challenge because as our puppy was entering our lives, our old boy, my heart boy, Kodi was leaving us, he died New Years day when little Rosa was just 4 months old and her training fell by the wayside as we grieved, I think this will be an excellent way to restore some focus and consistency with our own dogs (3 Longhaired Weimaraners) and get back on the fun wagon.

I also train other people and their dogs (mainly mantrailing, scentwork and gundog) so any CPD is always a bonus, love to learn and keep moving forward. Managed to rope in quite a few clients who are going to give it a whirl too, set up a little support group and hopefully we can all have fun and learn some more together.

Also, anything that brings together trainers to support each other as a whole is ace in my book!

Anyone else with Weimaraners giving it a whirl?

Bring it on! #30daysofcaninescience