Longhaired Weimaraner stacking childrens ring toy

Practice what you preach

I recently came across the website of a fellow dog trainer. On their page they mentioned something that drives me crazy, I never tend to tackle it myself (until now) as I dont believe in putting down other trainers down because I think thats cheap tactics. Instead I prefer to talk about and show people what I can do to help them. However, it is something I really think does need addressing in dog training! So, what is it? It is… “Can your dog trainer do with their dog, what they are trying to teach you to do with yours?” I see numerous posts on how to train this, that and the other from trainers who they have yet to do any of those things themselves. I am not saying they have to have perfect dogs, my dogs are not perfect by any means, however if you cannot demonstrate something with your own dogs how do you expect to teach it to students and how are they supposed to trust in what you teach? The gift of the gab is a simple thing to have but it doesnt help dogs and far more important is to practice what you preach. So, if your dog trainer is teaching you something feel free to ask for a demonstration with their own dog, I certainly wouldnt mind being asked myself and am happy to demonstrate anything I teach. You might want obedience help perhaps on how to get your dog to hold an object but their dog(s) can’t, what does that tell you? However, the far bigger issue for me isn’t the simple trick, obedience or small behaviours but every day life. If you are seeking help with recall training and your trainer cannot recall their own dog on a sixpence then what does that tell you? You want help with aggression but their own dogs cannot safely socialise, what does that tell you? Qualifications are a wonderful thing but actions speak louder than words. Again, NO, you are not looking for your trainer to have robot dogs that are perfect in every way but that they and their dogs can simply demonstrate what you are being taught by them. If they do have an aggressive dog then how is it being handled? the way they are teaching you to handle yours or not? Food for thought………..as for me I practice what I preach, if I cannot demonstrate it in practice with my dogs then it is not something I teach.

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