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We are our pets guardians, they do not have their own voice and it is therefore up to us to keep them protected and ensure they feel safe, we know this, yet sometimes it can prove difficult. Today I failed in that job and its led me to reflect just how hard it can be sometimes. Generally on a day to day basis I am very good at standing up for my pets, I have learnt this over time and many years ago it did not come naturally. However I learnt today that I have to be far more prepared when it comes to ‘officials’ such as veterinarians etc. I wont go into details or name names as this isnt the point of this blog but after being treated aggressively today I was left in shock and I then didnt make the decisions that I wished to make for my pet which left me in tears. Dont get me wrong nothing tragic occured and I think all was well behind the scenes but unless there is a very, very good reason, if you are not comfortable with your pet being taken out of view for procedures then no one should force you into it. You should be given time, space and information to make decisions and if this is not afforded to you then its a massive red flag to take your pet and simply walk away. On a parting note. No person holding any position of authority should bully you into making decisions you are not comfortable with, no one good or kind would do so and you should always have someone both good and kind being involved with your pet(s). Holding a position of authority is a great responsibility and should never be abused. If you are made to feel the way I was today it is time to take your beloved pet(s) elsewhere and never look back.

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