Start training your puppy now

I often hear people proud they have taught their young puppy to sit, and yes, they should be, its great they are actively training their young puppy and discovering what it can do. Puppies are however, like sponges when it comes to learning and we often underestimate them. The moment you get your puppy home, if the breeder hasnt already done so, start recall training (if your not sure how then get the help of a good positive trainer such as myself). Work on things like sit but also begin impulse training of things like ‘leave it’ or ‘wait’ again in positive ways only. THE most important thing about training a puppy is that it needs to be fun and lighthearted, they are only babies, pressure at this age can put them off not only what you are trying to teach them but in learning with you at all. Here is a simple list of things to keep in mind:
  • Keep things simple
  • Have small goals in mind
  • Keep your tone light hearted
  • Keep your body language relaxed
  • Always end on a positive note
  • Do not be tempted to do ‘just one more’ after a particularly good outcome
  • Be consistent
  • Praise where praise is due
  • Ignore the bad
  • Keep a record of your training and look at your next step
  • Enjoy yourself and your puppy will enjoy themselves too
By the time your puppy reaches 12 weeks you hopefully have a happy puppy that will do a lovely selection of things helpful to both every day life and good solid foundation of behavioural development to work with well into its future.

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