Testimonal – Help teaching a task

A huge thank you to Nina for stepping in to help in an emergency.

My mature  bitch came into season early,  a week before a team obedience event. We are the only pair who do the scentwork retrieve task in the team! With a week to go, I substituted my young Gordon Setter who has never done this before. Nina coached me by phone everyday and when we had the basics did an emergency 121 to polish the task and the heelwork and kept my spirits up to boot!

The day dawned – we’d achieved the complete task just two or three times. The ring was noisy,  unfenced and in the middle of the access to a busy Open Dog Show and Horse Show, plus tannoys, flapping banners – you get the picture…

I would love to tell you the task was perfect – it wasn’t ! She went out found the object out of six others, picked it up but failed to bring it right back – coming in for a nice present and finish however. Her heelwork was lovely. In those conditions with just a weeks training and that much distraction I was very proud and can’t thank Nina enough for her phone coaching and amazing support.

Angela Cairns and Juno (2 years)