Thank you Pet Remedy

As a stockist of Pet Remedy I obviously believe in the product, I would never stock a product I did not have faith in.

I wish to thank Pet Remedy for their kind gift of a small bottle of Pet Remedy for each of my newborn puppies. Each puppy will be going home with a bottle, this will help then in several ways:

  • Leaving their siblings behind (sprayed on the clothing of new owners collecting the puppy)
  • Coping with their journey to their new home (sprayed in the car on blankets etc)
  • Arriving in their new homes (sprayed on new bed, carpets, blankets etc)
  • Settling down for their first night in their new homes (sprayed on their bedding and any crate cover etc)

Hopefully new owners will then realise what an assett Pet Remedy is to their new addition and can continue to use it throughout their life to support them in new environments or situations.

Thank you Pet Remedy!