Train without pain

I recently watched a post unfold on social media, this prompted me to write this short blog.

So positive training, what isn’t it?

Lets start with what too many people believe it is:

  1. Handing out to your dog an endless stream of treats
  2. Handing out those treats to bribe your dog to do what you want it to do
  3. It must involve a clicker


and what those people think the results of such training is:

  1. A dog that will only do things for you if you have treats and supply them endlessly


and the other thing you often here alongside the above is ” I tried it on my dog and he wasnt interested ” normally followed by “positive training doesnt work”


Positive training can take place anytime, anywhere!

Positive training, what it really is!

I wont use all sorts of fancy dog training jargon about P+ and R+ etc. The real nitty gritty of positive training is that it should be exactly what it says on the tin, positive! The bottom line is that its actually very simple at a basic level, its simply about finding out what your dog finds reward and using it to your advantage.

It does however become more complicated than that and that is where it normally falls down. Too many handlers / owners think that they just need to go out with a smile on their face, spring in their step, clicker and a pile of treats and all will be well in the world but there is a little more to be done first…..

What is rewarding?

People often believe rewards to be either toys or treats, whilst this can be true it is not always true. Toys and treats often form a base for positive training rewards but they are most definitely not the be all and end all.

The first step to positive training being effective is to find out just what your dog finds rewarding and this can range from a treat to sniffing grass, to being released to play, being allowed access to certain things, a cuddle and even just simple verbal praise such as ‘good girl/boy’ etc etc When you really step back and look at your dog you will be amazed just what it finds rewarding in life.

The second step is of course then learning how to effectively use what your dog finds rewarding and this is when real positive trainers come into play……….. for more information or to join one of our positive life skills / obedience classes call today on 07917445830