Welcome to Confident Canine Essex

Welcome to Confident Canine in Essex - The home of the Holistic Gundog Specialist

Welcome to Confident Canine, Essex.
I am The Holistic Gundog Trainer and I specialise in positive, reward-based 121 training for gundogs.

  • Gundog Training
  • Recall and Loose lead walking specialist
  • Confidence Building
  • Reactivity – Barking and lunging etc
  • How to raise your gundog puppy right

I also offer help with:

  • Trick Training
  • Clicker Training
  • Show Training
  • Handling issues for vet and groomer trips

I also offer the following holistic services:

  • Reiki (as a Reiki Master/Teacher I also offer training in this) & Canine Massage
  • Holistic Dog Training with mindfulness and meditation as well as energy work
  • Canine Massage

Feel free to contact me, Nina on 074917 445830
or email me at nina@confidentcaninecentre.co.uk

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