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I dont normally blog about other things other than my dog here but I feel this post is most worthy. IT IS IMPERATIVE YOU FEED THE RIGHT FOOD FOR YOUR DOG ! My dogs are raised on a quality raw food diet and when I need to use a kibble (travelling etc) I feed a quality kibble that contains no grain and no unnecessary additives (Eden Dog Food). The decisions on what to feed my dogs has not been taken lightly and I have spent many, many hours researching and even now will still look at alternatives closely before dismissing or accepting them. I want the very best for my dogs and when I get their food right I can literally see it within a matter of days, it shows in coat quality, in their eyes, teeth, gums and demeanour. In my capacity as a dog trainer, this year, I was told about a case where a dog had begun to exhibit disturbing behaviours that were escalating, they were beginning just before feeding time and lasting up to an hour after involving physical symptoms such as shaking from head to toe and behavioural issues too. After discussing the case directly, my advice before anything else, change dog food! I received a call the following day before I had even had a chance to follow it up and was told, all symptoms had litterally stopped at the first food change. THE WRONG DOG FOOD COULD COST YOUR DOG HIS/HER LIFE The food you feed your dog can litterally make or break it, that is not being over dramatic in the slightest, it will affect behaviour, physical condition, in the long term it will affect the body in all manner of ways and its up to you to ensure the food is good and the outcomes will be positive. The following post I am sharing not because I advocate the site or the trainer (I am a purely positive trainer so only support those) however what is said regarding the foods is well worth reading, so please take the time, it could save your dogs future:


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