What is dog obedience

Many people use the term ‘obedience class’ to mean many, many different things, such as:
  • Competition obedience – These should be about Learning and working with very precise movements and commands in order to later compete, usually in Kennel Club shows.
  • Pet obedience – These tend to be about learning and working with general commands such as sit, down, wait etc. These are often mixed with ‘socialisation’ although in reality it is rare to find a trainer who understands how to allow positive socialisation, who can spot and work with the tiny changes in body language displayed, often these tend to be ‘free for alls’.
  • Pet obedience offering Good Citizens – These tend to be about learning and working towards the precise requirements of the Kennel Club Good Citizen schemes
  • Obedience including life skills – These are the type of classes that I teach. Included/covered in my classes are the requirements you will need in order to pass the Kennel Club Scheme test should you wish to take them, I also include the basics of competition obedience such as presents, finishes, scentwork, dumbell retreives etc. However in addition to those elements I also teach invaluable life skills, such as impulse control, manners around toys, food, people and other dogs. How to understand your dogs body language and how to spot signs of stress and relaxation and how to work with that to get from your dog. It is not about demanding or commanding of your dog but working as a team, both enjoying what you do, together!
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