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Gundog Puppy Pathfinder Program

Picture the perfect scenario: Your gundog puppy comes home and settles in with unshakeable confidence. Toilet training becomes a breeze, and from the moment they arrive, they respond promptly to your ‘come when called/recall’ commands. Even before their first walk, they are already mastering the art of loose lead walking, so when they’re ready to explore the big wide world, they’re already one step ahead!

Please note: Programs will sometimes have a wait time before you can commence. This is because when a client commences a program they have dedicated access to my time. I therefore choose to limit how many I run at any one time to enable me to give my best service.

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When can you start your puppy program?

You can purchase your Puppy Pathfinder Program before you get your new puppy and can then access the Gundog Puppy library of videos & PDF’s covering things from preparing to collect your puppy through their first night at home to their very first training session.  

Once they are home you can then begin your live training and support sessions.

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Hecta gundog training in Essex

Gundog puppies, like any other puppies, can experience a range of common issues during their early development. Some of the most common gundog puppy problems include:

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Common Gundog Puppy Problems

Biting and Nipping

Puppies explore the world with their mouths, but excessive biting and nipping can be a problem. This behaviour needs to be addressed to ensure they learn appropriate bite inhibition.

Toilet Training Issues

Accidents in the house are common during puppyhood as they are still learning where it’s appropriate to go to the toilet, this can be speedy with the right advice.


Puppies chew, that’s a fact, they do it to alleviate teething discomfort, and because of boredom or curiosity. Dealing with chewing appropriately can save you mental anguish and financial stress.

Jumping Up

Gundog puppies are often energetic and may jump up on people when excited, if not dealt with appropriately as a puppy this can become a massive issue for gundog owners as your puppy grows into an adult.

Recall Challenges

Gundogs need reliable recall skills, and puppies need not struggle with coming back, get recall started early!

Socialisation Problems

The wrong kind of socialisation during puppyhood can lead to fear or aggression towards other dogs or people, so many gundog owners get socialisation wrong, don’t be one of them, get the right guidance from the start.

Lead Pulling

Gundogs are bred for their energy and drive, and many owners contact me seeking help later in their gundogs life. Get your puppy off on the right paw from the start!

Overexcitement / Not Settling

Puppies may struggle to settle and stay calm, especially after periods of high activity.

Gundog puppies can be enthusiastic and may struggle to remain calm and focused, particularly during training sessions.

Resource Guarding

Some puppies may show possessive behaviour over toys, food, or other items, which can develop into resource guarding issues (using aggressive displays or aggression to prevent items from being taken from them).

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About the company

Puppy Pathfinder Program

It’s essential to address ALL of these common problems early on through proper training and socialisation. Positive reinforcement training methods, consistent guidance, and early exposure to different environments can help gundog puppies grow into well-behaved and well-adjusted adult dogs. Having the advice of a holistic gundog training professional advice in your pocket, whenever you need it, as you navigate puppyhood will be invaluable…..

Step in, Nina, the Holistic Gundog Specialist at Confident Canine, I specialise in gundogs and am passionate about nurturing these incredible puppies and my Puppy Pathfinder Program will see you through all the above and more!

Puppy Pathfinder Program Details

Turn your gundog puppy dream into a delightful reality with our expert gundog puppy training program. Designed to create a seamless and enjoyable bonding experience for you and your canine companion. Understanding the intelligence and sensitivity of gundogs is the key to unlocking their full potential. This program teaches you positive, reward-based, ethical modern training techniques alongside a holistic approach.

By accessing this dedicated gundog puppy training program focused on the unique needs of a growing gundog, you and your gundog puppy are also emotionally supported throughout your training journey. With a personalised approach and top-notch techniques, your gundog puppy will not only excel in obedience but also develop a deep and trusting connection with you, so get ready to embark on an extraordinary adventure with your gundog puppy today.

Experience the joy of a settled and well-behaved companion who’s eager to learn and explore the world by your side. Make your gundog’s training journey an unforgettable one. As an experienced Gundog Trainer, I understand the nuances of gundog behaviour, and with my tailored approach I cater to their specific needs. By providing the right emotional support alongside training, I create a positive and successful learning environment for your beloved gundog puppy.

Join me in this journey of discovery and growth as we help your gundog thrive and become the loyal companion you’ve always envisioned. Together, we’ll build a strong bond and unlock the full potential of your gundog puppy.

This program is typically completed in 6 weeks or less (must be completed within 2 months) and you receive:

  • Unlimited support via call/text or email during the program so you never have to wait until your next session. I am a call/text or email away. Just think of me as your fairy gundogmother!
  • Ongoing support for 2 months after program completion. You don’t have to worry about forgetting what you’ve learned, you can call/text or email and know I am always there to help.
  • Live 121 lessons weekly in a fully fenced, Purleigh-based venue (6of)
  • 2 x Online 121’s (half hour each)
  • Covering 8 essential basic commands that your puppy needs to know for good manners plus BONUS intro to fetch/retrieve.
  • Access the “Puppy Pathfinder” support video & PDF vault, so you can refresh your training anytime you want.
  • Training journal, letting you track your fantastic progress and fresh goals as you hit your targets
  • Includes required ‘Puppy Pathfinder’ equipment
  • BONUS: Reiki/Canine Massage Session

* Live sessions cover: Recall (come when called), emergency sits, handling, settle, wait/stay, with me (cue to turn), loose lead walking, leave it/out.

PUPPY PATHFINDER LIBRARY COVERS/INCLUDES: Puppy Specific: Toilet training, crate training, puppy biting, chewing, jumping, over excitement, lead pulling, not coming when called, guarding toys, not settling, socialisation issues. General tutorials/information on the following commands: Sit, Down, Stay, Come when called, ‘With me/Let’s go’, Off, ‘Watch me’, Leave it/out.

* PDF Library includes: Choosing your tug toy, which whistle and how to use it, loose lead walking, ranking rewards, reactive recalls, rewards – things you need to know.

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