Nina, the Holistic Gundog Specialist

I promise not to talk too much about me because it is you that I am here for. 

What I will tell you though is that the most important thing you need to know about me is that what I teach comes straight from the heart. I’ve a wealth of experience restoring peace to so many families’, using my experience, understanding and certifications to bring to you the whole package – Nina, the Holistic Gundog Specialist.

Everything I teach I have reaped the benefits with in my life with my own dogs. 

I only share what I know works and I have helped so many clients and their dogs to solve problems they thought were impossible. I only recommend what I truly believe in, tried and tested.


Because my soul purpose in life is to help people like you live better lives with your dogs. I can help you and your dog live the lives you desire and deserve!

Me and the girls relaxing
Longhaired Weimaraner jumping
Longhaired Weimaraner competing on obedience off lead
Longhaired Weimaraner Faith at Discover Dogs
Nina and Faith at obedience show kindly taken by Debbie Allery

CTDI, MoPPG, MoGDT, Reiki Master/Teacher

I passionately teach up-to-date, positive, reward based dog training that is ethical and you never have to worry about your dogs experience during sessions, they will love every moment of their training and so will you! 

I am also a:
Mantrailing Global Certified Instructor
* Kyra Sundance certified Trick Dog Instructor under the Do More With Your Dog scheme
* WSDA (World Scent Dog Association) Blue Instructor
* Canine Hoopers UK Accredited Instructor
* A holistic practitioner for dogs and people and Reiki Master Teacher (directly trained by Frans Stiene from The International House of Reiki).
* Merisha Massage canine practitioner
* Previous Kennel Club Judge – B List with clubs (Weimaraner breed specialist)
* Previous Scentwork UK approved Instructor from levels 1-8 and approved Trial Manager and

I also hold many other certificates and qualifications, for more information on my learning background please see the My Credientials page.

Whatever your problem I am here to help and fully trained to deliver!

If you would like to know a bit more about me……..

I specialise in working with gundogs but have experience and work with most other breeds too.

I have a solid background working with my own dogs first then later other dogs. I have worked with my dogs in a variety of disciplines including working to the gun, working tests, agility, blood tracking, tracking, competition obedience, scent cloth searches, mantrailing, trick training (to champion level), scent work (Scentwork UK and WSDA instructor) and have dabbled in Working Trials.

I have also worked with my own dogs on commercial video and photo shoots for major international brands.

Far beyond all of that, my dogs are first and foremost much loved pets that share my couch, bed and heart.

Nina and Faith at obedience show kindly taken by Debbie Allery

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