Learn Handling Skills for your Dog

Handling isn’t just for show dogs!
Want your dog to be comfortable being handled so you can feel relaxed when you need to check them over?
Wish your dog felt more confident at vet visits or the groomers so you didn’t have to feel stressed when they go in?
Wouldn’t it be great if your dog felt more confident in life so that you could worry less?

Does your dog have issues being handled at the vets, groomers or just in every day life?

It is SO important that your dog is comfortable being handled, it can make the difference between a really stressful vet/groomers visit or even when you need to handle them just to check something in their mouth or remove something from a paw pad.

Here at Confident Canine I take the old adage prevention is better than cure really seriously and so I now offer 121’s solely focused on handling!

Sessions focus on training your dog to cope with handling for all the important things like being able to check teeth, ears, paws and be handled from tip to toe without finding it stressful and for some even looking forward to it!

Are you interested in learning more about handling your dog?

Then just drop me a message using the contact page or email me at nina@confidentcaninecentre.co.uk or call me on 07917445830 to find out more information about these sessions or to book your place.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could visit the vets or the groomers knowing you’ve taught your dog little handling ‘tricks’ such as:

  • Learning to standstill
  • Giving paw, even for blood tests
  • Saying ah, for throat inspections
  • Lie Flat, for when needing to check under paws
  • and many more

Sessions last for 1 hour, are £85 and are payable in advance or upon commencement of session as arranged.
Sessions take place at our enclosed field venue.

Please note:
If you are a current client you will need to re-register as we have a new and improved booking system in place

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