Reiki for Canines

Reiki is a holistic energy therapy and a gentle method of healing. Animals love receiving Reiki. Quite often an animal will actively seek out the Reiki practitioner in the hope of receiving some of their healing energy. Animals know exactly what they need and quite often when they feel that they have received what they need during a session they will simply just walk away.

Reiki sessions:

  • Promote speedier healing from the trauma of accidents or surgery
  • Help with the side effects of medication
  • Can help with behavioural issues
  • Ease pain
  • Relieve stress
  • Bring balance to mind, body and spirit

Reiki is a fantastic tool for working with so many issues such as:

  • Working rescue dogs or dogs having undergone some form of trauma
  • Bringing peace to dogs that find it hard to settle
  • Bringing calm to dogs struggling with aggression
  • Building trust with a new dog
  • Helping multi dog households to settle and find harmony
  • Dogs suffering illness

During the upsetting time when a beloved pet’s life is fading, a Reiki session brings much peace and freedom from struggle. The bond between animal and human is respected at all times during this difficult time.

Each animal is very much an individual and I always take this into consideration during their treatment.

Sessions last at least 1 hour and are payable in advance or upon commencement of session as arranged.

Once your place is agreed you will be sent your payment link.

Please call us for a friendly chat, more details and prices, there is never any obligation or pressure and we are always happy to talk to you.

In addition:

If you would like to learn Reiki to enable you to work with your dog we also teach Reiki and can help you learn to work with your dog (or other animals that you might have) – Visit for more information.

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