Level 1 – Shoden – Self healing

Level 1 is a very exciting level as it is the very first step on your Reiki journey. It is also known as ‘First Teaching’.

After completing a Shoden course with Kalma Training you will have all the tools to enable your self healing journey to begin. Using the tools on a daily basis will help to speed up positive change in your life, aid you in releasing emotional, spiritual or physical blocks in your life and help to give you a more positive outlook on life.

Once you have obtained Shoden level you can begin using Reiki on yourself daily to help with physical ailments and mental or spiritual issues that crop up. Reiki is a wonderful source of pain relief and I often use Reiki to ease an aching joint or pounding head. It is as simple as laying your hands on and using the intent that Reiki flow. In time you will build a stronger connection to Reiki and may even find that it begins to flow before you have asked it too, helping to keep you balanced.

Your everyday Reiki tools will consist of the some of the following:

* Gokai – Using the precepts to bring about internal change.
* Tenohira – Using teate hand positions to help with physical change (i.e. clearing of energy blocks).
* The writting of a journal to bring about internal change.
* Waka – Recitation and meditation on Japanese poetry, much of which was written by the Meji Emperor in Usui Mikao’s time.
* Energy cleansing techniques such as Kenyoku Ho.
* Breathing exercises – Using exercises such as Kokyu Ho.
..and more.

When taking a Shoden course with Kalma Training you will receive:

* Your attunement to Shoden Reiki Level I.
* A full and comprehensive manual including all the information that you need to know.
* Full instruction and advice on everything included in the manual.
* An opportunity to try your new found Reiki out on others and receive a treatment yourself.
* A certificate showing that you have been attuned to Reiki I.
* A copy of your lineage

Reiki is a truly amazing complementary therapy that can help enormously in everyday life, I look forward to you joining me for the start of your journey.

Learning Reiki level 1 (Shoden – Self Healing) – £145
Taught over 2 days

Visit the Events Page to see what dates suit you then simply bring cash on the day or use the paypal payment link below and rest easy knowing your course is all taken care of and simply turn up on the day.

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This course is complementary and in no way meant to take the place of conventional medicine and doctors.
Please familiarise yourself with The Legal Stuff section before booking.