Level 3 – Shinpiden – Reiki Master / Teacher

This level is also known as ‘Mystery Teachings’. Shinpiden level is not on the final level of teachings but it is also the beginning of everything, you finally have all the tools to work with Reiki to the fullest and your journey knows no bounds. You can learn to integrate Reiki into your everyday life to its fullest.

Following a Shinpiden course with me you will have all the tools to teach Reiki to others should you wish to do so. Shinpiden is not the end of your Reiki journey but is actually the real beginning!

When taking a Shinpiden course with Kalma Training you will receive:
* Your attunement to Shinpiden Reiki level 3.
* A full and comprehensive manual.
* Full instruction and advice on everything included in the manual.
* Provision of the Master symbol of Reiki 3.
* Mantra to use in conjunction with the Master symbol.
* Information on use of the Master symbol.
* Teachings in how to perform the attunement process.
* Teachings in how to perform Reiju.
* How to provide distant attunements.
* Advice on setting up a Reiki share.
* Advice on setting up your first Reiki class.
* Discussion and advice on your own personal and spiritual development since Reiki II and how you might support this further.
* An opportunity to carry out an attunement (Reiju) on another.
* Advice on creating your own course forms (including examples).
* Advice on obtaining insurance, associations, getting registered, Health and Safety, requirements by law, good practice, good hygiene, continued professional development advise, networking advice, advertising advice and much more.
* A certificate showing that you have been attuned to Reiki Master/Teacher level.
* A copy of your lineage.

Reiki is a wonderful and life enhancing therapy, I look forward to supporting you in your teachings.

Learning Reiki level 3 (Shinpiden – Reiki Master/Teacher) – £500
Taught over 3 days – pre-requisite Reiki level 2

Visit the Events Page to see what dates suit you then simply bring cash on the day or use the paypal payment link below and rest easy knowing your course is all taken care of and simply turn up on the day.

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This course is complementary and in no way meant to take the place of conventional medicine and doctors.
Please familiarise yourself with The Legal Stuff section before booking.