Hoopers is also suitable for dogs that can no longer compete in agility for various reasons because unlike agility there are no jumps in hoopers, there is also no high contact equipment such as the dog walk or see saw which can often cause falls in agility.

Hoopers is a low-impact sport suitable for dogs of all ages, including puppies and older dogs.

Instead of jumps Hoopers uses set courses of ground-level hoops that the dogs run through. Hoopers also uses barrels and tunnels (not the flat kind). It is still fast paced, has courses to learn and remember when competing but they are designed to flow more making it safer.


Hoopers training starts with a block of 6 week foundation course then after that runs weekly with blocks of 4 weeks being payable in advance each time.

Courses will begin on a simple level and progress through a pace suitable for you and your dog!

Lovely outdoor fully fenced venue.

For more details or enquiries please call 07917 445830 or email nina@confidentcaninecentre.co.uk

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