Host a Holistic Dog Workshop

Invitation to all dog trainers to host a Holistic Workshop for Canines & their Companions

Are you interested in offering your community of clients an enriching experience that benefits both them and their dogs? Look no further! I invite you to host a half-day practical Holistic Workshop that explores a variety of techniques. These workshops are suitable for all dogs and owners but especially beneficial for anxious, fearful and/or timid dogs.

What is a Holistic Dog Workshop?

The Holistic Workshop is specially tailored to address the needs of dogs and their owners facing anxiety, fear, and timidity, offering a holistic approach to well-being. However, the workshop’s benefits extend beyond these cases, making it a valuable experience for all dogs and their owners.

The techniques taught in this workshop will not only enrich the lives of your participants but also foster a stronger and more harmonious bond between dogs and their loving owners.

Longhaired Weimaraner Puppy Sleeping
Longhaired Weimaraner lounging in chair on blue blanket

Why Host This Workshop?

If you are a positive, reward-based trainer who prioritises a holistic approach to your clients’ dogs then this is the workshop for you.

It gives your clients a chance to dip their toes, and paws, into the world of holistic support. Practising various techniques throughout the workshop, simple yet effective and easily repeatable afterwards.

You and your clients will also learn about the many different scenarios where these tools can be used and will experience for themselves the huge changes they can bring about.

About the Workshop Facilitator

Nina, the Holistic Gundog Specialist. A passionate advocate for holistic pet care will lead this transformative workshop. With years of experience in working with dogs and their owners, Nina brings expertise, empathy, and a deep understanding of canine well-being to the table.

Don’t miss this opportunity to host a truly unique and rewarding event that will make a lasting impact on the lives of dogs and their dedicated owners.

Contact: to secure your date and create a memorable experience that will benefit your community for years to come!

Longhaired Weimaraners and their owner

Workshop Highlights

During the course of the workshop we will cover some of the main elements below.
Each workshop is free flowing and tailored to those on each workshop so content will vary.
Sound therapy is also sometimes included.


Discover the power of meditation for dogs and how it can promote relaxation and calmness in their daily lives.


Learn how mindfulness practices can enhance the connection between dogs and their owners, fostering a deeper understanding and bond.


Breathwork: Explore the art of breathwork and its role in reducing stress and anxiety in dogs, as well as its potential benefits for dog owners.

Energy Work

Delve into the world of energy work and how it can help balance and harmonise both canine and human energies.


Experience the positive impact of affirmations on dog owners emotional well-being, and how they can uplift the spirits of dog owners particularly when dealing with difficult issues.


Unleash the power of visualisation techniques to instil confidence, while also inspiring, dog owners, allowing them to envision the positive outcomes they desire.

How to Host

Please contact me for individual queries

  • Half-day workshop – £175 *
  • Full-day (AM & PM workshop) – £330 *

* Travel chargeable as extra


This will depend on your premises. What you need to know to work this out is that each dog/handler team will need clear space right around them where they can feel safe and secure and not be triggered by the other dogs/handlers possibly encroaching on their space.

No. However, I do recommend that dog/handler teams bring a blanket for the handler and a settle mat for the dog. If handler wants to be seated on the floor rather than a chair then something comfortable to sit on should be brought along.

Safety should be paramount so this workshop should be open to the dogs you can safely accommodate within the area you provide. Care should be taken that the mix of dogs are comfortable enough to be around each other.

You will need to ensure a good supply of water during the workshop for both dogs and handlers.

Holistic Venue