Host a Scentwork Course

Scentwork East is happy to conduct both 1 day intro to Scentwork UK syllabus courses and the full 6 session Scentwork UK syllabus courses that I hold at my venue at a venue of your choice, with a group of 6 participants, organised by yourself.

The 1 day course allows everyone to sample a little of what the full course has to offer and introduces dogs and handlers to the basics.

The full 6 session course prepares the handler/dog with all the knowledge needed to attempt the Scentwork UK level 1 test or simply to go away and enjoy Scentwork and all they have learnt, there is no obligation to take the test but if you wish to do so their is a separate fee and the test is all arranged via Scentwork UK.

The following criteria offers a guideline of requirements for hosting a course from your venue:

  • Indoor venue (this is for internal searches)
  • Outdoor space (this is for external searches)
  • Safe parking area (this is for vehicle searches)
  • Indoors – Tables and chairs with nooks that scent articles (small pieces of cloth) can be hidden. Depends on size but approx. 4/6 tables and 8/10 chairs works well.
  • 6 handler / dog combinations (I don’t generally recommend more because of time constraints, it isn’t beneficial to have to rush either handlers or dogs). If someone wants to bring an extra dog this counts as a separate dog/handler combination.
  • Ideally welfare facilities such as toilets, wash basins, access to water for dogs etc

When hosting a course I also ask that you ensure participants bring with them certain items and I can provide details of this via email.

Scentwork East covers Essex and is happy to consider running a course anywhere in Essex if you can provide the venue, please contact me to discuss.

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