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These unique sessions are a fantastic way to get to know your dog on a completely different level, energetically, sharing peace and meditation and mindfulness exercises to allow a connection you are unlikely to have ever previously experienced!

We offer these sessions at our Purleigh venue in groups or 121’s and also online via the application Zoom but are also willing to travel to hosted sessions by other clubs.

Meditations, Mutts & Mindfulness was created in 2019 when the initial idea came to me during a meditation session!

Excited to announce the launch of our new Meditation, Mutts & Mindfulness sessions. Available as both small classes or as 121 sessions.

The aim of these sessions is to get more people connecting to their dogs on a completely different level. 

Sessions are a mix of meditation and mindfulness. There may be a small element of dog training included during the mindfulness section but the emphasis will on the mindfulness rather than the training, allowing you to connect to do your dog during short exercises and really note where both you and your dog are energetically as well as physically and connecting on a much deeper level.

Occasionally will run an invite only session and with all sessions we will endeavour to ensure the right mix of dogs and handlers. Details of events will be able to be found on this site so watch this space.

For more information on Meditation, Mutts & Mindfulness or if you would like to arrange for us to visit your dog training school please feel free to contact us on 07917445830 or email

For more details visit but for more details or enquiries please call 07917 445830 or visit our FB page Meditation, Mutts & Mindfulness

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