Meditation, Mutts & Mindfulness

Are you an anxious dog owner? or do you own an anxious dog?
Do you wish your dog could learn to switch off and settle down?
or do you wish that you could? or perhaps you have a reactive dog?

Meditation, Mutts & Mindfulness was created by myself in 2019, it is a way of using simple techniques such as mindfulness, meditation and energy work to help dogs and their owners to find balance in life.

I offer these sessions at my Purleigh venue as 121’s, online and am also willing to travel to hosted sessions by other clubs. 

What happens in an online session?

Every Friday I hold an online meditation session for owners and their dogs to connect. Sessions last a minimum of half an hour (you can leave at any time should you need to do so). You may attend with cameras off or on and you may arrive with your microphone on but will be muted until the end of the session so everyone can make the most of the meditations.

These unique sessions are a fantastic way to get to share a deep peace, understanding and connection you are unlikely to have ever previously experienced!

With all group sessions my priority will be to ensure the right mix of dogs and handlers. 

For more information on Meditation, Mutts & Mindfulness or if you would like to arrange for us to visit your dog training school please feel free to contact us on 07917 445830 or email:

What happens in a 121 session?

  • Meditation – learn to meditate in a safe space and have your dog join you, switch off and truly, deeply relax.
  • Mindfulness – learn about mindfulness and actively learn to practice it and see for yourself the changes that occur in your dog when you do!
  • Breathwork – learn how your breath affects your dog and how you can use breathwork to benefit your dog, especially anxious or reactive dogs
  • Energy – learn to recognise how your energy is contagious, how you can use other techniques to bring balance to your energy and in turn your dogs energy
  • Learn techniques – affirmations, visualisation, manifestation

Please note: There may be a small element of dog training included during the mindfulness section but the emphasis will be on the mindfulness rather than the training, allowing you to connect to your dog during short exercises and really note where both you and your dog are energetically as well as physically and connecting on a much deeper level.

Enquiries, please call 07917 445830 or visit our FB pageĀ Meditation, Mutts & Mindfulness

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