Other ways I can help you and your gundog

I have an extensive background in many dog sports and activities so can help in many ways.

I currently offer:

  • Hoopers Private Sessions
  • Trick Training and On-site Testing for “Do More With Your Dog!” to Trick Dog Champion Level
  • Online Consultations
  • Telephone Consultations
Longhaired weimaraner and her Hoopers award

Individual lessons/121s, last for 45 minutes, cost £42.50 and take place at our enclosed field venue.

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Hoopers 121 Lessons

Low Impact Activity

Suitable for puppies, older and recovering dogs too. Can be taken at any pace and courses built to suit the individual.

Confidence Building

Increases confidence working at a distance, promotes body awareness and increases balance and fitness.

Promotes Teamwork

Channels energy into a positive activity, building connection, teamwork and understanding.

Longhaired Weimaraner and owner

Telephone Consultations are available in 30-minute slots at a cost of £42.50.

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Telephone Consultations

Great if you can't travel to me

These are great for lots of reasons, including if you are out of my area, have a disability that makes travel difficult, have a busy schedule, are poorly and unable to attend a live session.

Can be fitted in when needed

Convenient calls are available in my online diary, however if you need a specific day or time just contact me and I will always see if I can accomodate.

Ongoing Support

For those who have already attended in-person training sessions, a phone call can serve as a follow-up to address any ongoing concerns, fine-tune training methods, and ensure continued progress.

Longhaired Weimaraner and owner

Telephone Consultations are available in 30-minute slots at a cost of £42.50.

Online Training Sessions &/or Consultations are available in 30-minute slots at a cost of £42.50.

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Online Consultations

No Need to Travel

These sessions allow you to participate from the comfort of your home or on your walk. Especially beneficial for if you have a busy schedule, limited transportation options, or those who live out of area.

Increased Comfort

For dogs that may feel more comfortable and less stressed in their familiar home environment this offers a fantastic solution, leading to a better learning experience whilst confidence is built.

Crisis Management

In situations where immediate assistance is needed, such as addressing a sudden behavioural problem, online sessions provide a quick and efficient way to connect for guidance.

Find event & one off training day details & booking links here

I will often invite guest trainers, such as Craig Ogilvie who came to deliver his play workshop, to share their knowledge in dog training.

Sometimes I will run one-off training days for groups, such as Meditation, Mutts & Mindfulness workshops. 

The sections below will give you details of what the events are about and how to book onto them.

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One off training workshops

your opportunity to work with specialists

If you work and train with me then you'll understand the value of working with a specialist. From time to time I arrange for specialists to attend and deliver one off training workshops.


The workshop groups are always kept at the right level for the type of workshop, the venue we are at and the activity being done so you can be sure you and your dog will gain the most from attending.

A chance to try new things or go deeper

The specialists that deliver will come to share their knowledge of things you might not already have experienced or to go far deeper into subjects that you might have previously gone

Workshops and events banner

All events, once details become available, will have “book here” buttons enabled. If you want to be the first to know about events then sign up to my mailing list HERE


All events, when they become available, will have book here buttons enabled. If you want to be the first to know about any of these events

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Meditation, Mutts & Mindfulness

These workshops are really popular, run a few times a year they are for groups of dogs. Normally run outside in a lovely open space so that even reactive dogs can relax and unwind in a safe environment. You will learn how to use holistic techniques to understand your dog better, support them more effectively and to be aware of and manage your own emotions and energy

Reiki Training Level 1

Are you interested in learning Reiki for yourself and your dog? This incredible method of working with energy works for everyone and everything, it is simple to learn and highly effective for balancing of mind, body & soul.

Reiki Training Level 2

Level two dives deeper, will cover all your techniques in more depth and give you brand new ones to work with that bring a whole new level to your energy game!