Reactive Dogs

Do you wish you could just go on walks and enjoy them with your dog?
Want to be able to walk down the road without your dog reacting fearfully to things like dogs, cars &/or people?
Long to not feel embarrassed or confused about why your dog is reactive and to understand them more?

What is a reactive dog? 

Basically reactivity by dictionary definition refers to chemicals and it is how something reacts when mixed with something else. This actually applies quite well to dogs and what we think of as reactivity, it is an action they perform when reacting to something added to their world/environment.

You may have a super calm dog, leash walking happily, suddenly a bus enters their field of vision and boom they react to that with barking and lunging. Reactivity is largely (but not exclusively) fear based, helping and supporting your dog through their reaction and back to balance in the right way for them is really important as it will affect whether that behaviour escalates or diminishes over time.

The most frequent reactivity I help with is:

  • Cars/Buses/Motorbikes/Bicycles – Barking and lunging as they pass by
  • Lead/leash walking – Barking and lunging at passing people or dogs whilst on lead

There are of course lots of other scenarios that reactivity can occur but but whatever help you are looking for you can contact me and I will be happy to discuss solutions and suggest the best training route to take to move forward and help your dog find its way through reactivity and back to balance. 

The cost of an off site walk/training session is £105 per hour. Please note: This cost is for a local walk, charges apply for travel (please contact me for details).

These sessions are only available selectively and you will need to contact me to discuss before booking.

Please note: To book an appointment you must have agreed details/date/time with me in advance so, please only use the booking button below if you have done so. You can contact me at:

Please note:
If you are a current client you will need to re-register as we have a new and improved booking system in place

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