Recall Training

Recall Training

Is your gundog ignoring your calls to come back?
Are they disappearing over the horizon after birds?
Is their recall unreliable, only coming back when there are no distractions?

121 sessions for recall training cover a variety of issues and includes:

  • Learn what’s going wrong with your recall and how to fix it
  • Learning what dog values and make use of that knowledge
  • Rocket Recalls, teach your dog to come back like a rocket!
  • Teaching your dog to listen when you say their name
  • Learning to use rewards effectively
  • Learning to reward not bribe
  • Building a connection

What does all this mean? An end to a dog that goes selectively deaf! More relaxing and confident walks. A greater understanding of your dog and what motivates it. A dog that understands what’s being asked of it and that learns how to work with you, whilst you learn how to connect with them.

Understand what the problem is

Understand how to fix the problem

Sessions last for 1 hour, are £85 and are payable in advance or upon commencement of session as arranged.
Sessions take place at our enclosed field venue.

Please note:
If you are a current client you will need to re-register as we have a new and improved booking system in place

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