Scentwork 121s


121 training sessions can also be used as an alternate route into regular classes if you cannot attend one of our 6 week courses, normally 3 121 sessions will see your dog working scent only and ready to join classes.

For 121’s the course will be broken down and tailored to you and your dog and still aim towards your completion of the Scentwork UK level 1 test. These tests are held at various times throughout the year. If you would rather just complete training for fun there is no obligation/requirement to take any tests.

I often teach 121 scentwork, sometimes just to get handler/dog teams up to speed before joining and class and sometimes because they would just prefer to work alone.

I am happy to receive 121 training enquiries in the Essex area, this may be because your dog has difficulty working in a class environment, because you have a problem you need to specifically work on or because you have an unusual work schedule etc. Please feel free to contact me to discuss your needs.

Sessions are available in 1 hour slots for £45 and are payable in advance or upon commencement of session as arranged.