Spaniel Gundog training for the field in Essex

Signature Programs

Bespoke programs offer you and your gundog long-term solutions for issues such as recall/come when called problems, loose lead walking troubles, general manners help, dealing with jumping, mouthing, stealing and so much more, these programs offer great support and fast, effective results.

Kay and Holly with their award gundog training in Essex

Pay As You Go Training

121 PAYG sessions are ideal for taking your time with your training, book in as and when you need help. Use these sessions to progress through gundog training levels and engage your dog for fun or to get help solving a gundog training issue such as retrieve problems, being unable to wait etc.


Behavioural Help

Support for both you and your gundog through various behavioural issues such as reactivity, anxious behaviours, gundogs that are unable to settle or be left and more.

Holistic Venue

Holistic Services

I have many years in the holistic field and am grateful I can offer a wide range of Holistic Services to support you and your gundog.

Longhaired weimaraner and her Hoopers award

Other Services & Events

I also offer Private Hoopers lessons, Telephone and Online Consultations. This is where you find information on all of these other services and events.

Ruby learning sendaways


On occasion I run events, one off training specials or host other trainers to come deliver events at my venue. You can find information and booking details for these here.

Join me today and

  • Learn to channel your gundogs natural abilities positively with Gundog Sessions.
  • Find out the secrets to a perfect recall,  get your gundog to come back when called everytime.
  • Start to walk your gundog beautifully on a loose leash with ease.
  • Calmly walk your gundog past other dogs, people, cars and bikes without them barking and lunging.
  • Have me join you on a walk for some “real world training”, just book an ‘Off-site training/walk’
  • Have a gundog that no longer jumps up, stops counter surfing and make stealing a thing of their past, watch them learn to settle down and listen.
  • Help your dog to learn to be handled calmly for vets or groomers visits.
Longhaired Weimaraner running to owner.jpg

Whatever your gundog goals are I can help you achieve them!

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Essex based (Purleigh) Dog Trainer for all dogs from puppies through adolescence to adults – South Woodham Ferrers and surrounding areas