New addition

Nina was fantastic when advising and helping us with our new addition. Marley was having difficulties with separation anxiety and with adjusting to using a crate, especially as bed time. Nina introduced both us and Marley to a clicker and the benefits of using the device. She enabled to gain a deeper understanding of why Marley was having difficulties and how to combat them. Since the first time we followed her advice and training we have noticed significant improvements with both his general behaviour and with the problems/anxieties he had. We have even been able to use the clicker in other training areas, encouraging him to follow all sorts of commands and he is now 5 months old and developing fantastically, and learning new things all the time. We owe this to Nina and her continued support ? Thank you so much for everything you have done for us ? We would highly recommend Nina to everyone and anyone and would feel extremely confident in calling upon her assistance in the future if we had any other questions.

Love Vicky, James and of course Marley x