Wanting to send your puppies off to their new homes……

  • Recall trained to a whistle?
  • Toilet trained?
  • Able to settle/switch off?
  • Crate trained?
  • Able to sit when asked to?
  • Introduced to clicker training?
  • Environmentally robust (able to cope with different sounds, textures, comings and goings)
I can help you achieve all of the above.

I have completed all the above with my own litters and more!
To enquire about this package please contact me on 07917445830 or email me at

From £888 – 

  • One introductory pre-puppy prep remote session
  • Preparation equipment check sheet
  • Two in person 121 training sessions with your puppies at home
  • Two half hour phone calls or online sessions
  • Training discounts and literature pack for all new puppies to take to their new homes