Who are my services for?

I am the right trainer for you if:

  • You want a well balanced puppy who grows into a well balanced dog
  • You have a dog and need help with their training
  • You want to create a deep connection with your puppy or dog
  • You are happy to use rewards in training and have fun!
  • You want to understand your puppy or dog
  • You are happy to use verbal and physical praise
  • You are committed to the fact that puppies/dogs are not machines, they have emotional and physical needs to meet that affect training and your journey together
  • You are committed to training in between sessions
  • You are a genuine dog lover
and I can’t wait to meet you for training!

I am not the right trainer for you if:

  • You are not happy to use rewards to train (not bribes, rewards)
  • You are not happy to use verbal or physical praise
  • You are comfortable with harsh handling
  • You are not willing to consider that your puppy/dog not doing what it is asked isn’t your dog trying to take over the universe but is because of other emotional and physical needs that are clouding the picture
  • You are not open to learning new things
  • You are not committed to training your puppy or dog between sessions
  • You are not able to see your puppy or dog as an emotional being as well as a physical one
Whilst I am the perfect trainer for your puppy or dog, I am unfortunately not the right trainer for you.

Your puppy can come for training as soon as it is allowed out, puppy training can never start early enough! Having said that, please don’t ever think your dog is too old to start, my best working gundog I actually only started serious gundog training with around 4 years old and I have known plenty older too.

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